“My wife and I have resided in Singapore for more than 35 years. For more than 15 years of that time we have been using the great services of Angie Mui and framing Angie for both our corporate and personal framing work. She and her team provide unique design and artistic framing that is both timeless and durable. Special shipping packaging has been arranged for several customers who are overseas. Well worth the extra cost!”

Bob Guy | Asia Travel Guys

“Our family photos are our life’s treasure, and I can’t think of anyone better than Angie that I’d trust to turn them from memories to a masterpiece. She has a very discerning eye, good instinct and a flair for quality. She helped us build 3 boxed-picture collages highlighting our 3 years in South-east Asia that are among our most precious treasures. If you care about the quality of your project and want it done right the first time, Angie is your gal! We can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Anuj Dua

“Framing Angie is the “go to place” if you have artwork of photography to frame in Singapore. I was referred to Angie over 10 years ago and have had numerous pieces of art framed during that time. Angie is super creative has an eye for detail and I have always found her suggestions spot on. If you are looking for a frame to compliment a special photograph or piece of art, I cannot recommend Framing Angie highly enough. They really know how to enhance a painting to perfection and Angie will always provide a number of great suggestions to choose from.”

April Carter

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and when it comes to the art that adorns the walls of my home, I can tell you without any measure of doubt or hesitation that the wisest decision I ever made was to trust Angie with the task of framing them. During my time in Asia, I purchased many works of art from places as diverse as Hanoi to Bali and Myanmar and my go to has always been Angie. She has an incredible eye and an acute understanding of what it takes to frame a work of art; not only as a means of enhancing it but more importantly protecting it from the ravages of time. Angie, you are one of the reason I love coming home every day. Your amazing skills have enhanced my artwork and my home and I unreservedly recommend you to anyone considering framing their art.”

Masood Mohajer

“Framing with Angie is easy and “relaxing”. Be it a simple collage or a bigger project, I just need to inform her briefly what I am looking for and they shall be done. Angie immediately works her creative magic on each assignment and I am very pleased each time. Her staff is polite and efficient and Angie has a system that ensures everything works clock wise. I give top marks for reliability. Every job is done on time as promised and they never miss an instruction or deadline.Should I need to bring a frame for an overseas trip, the gallery will methodically and securely pack them for me for checking on the plane.I have done framing in several parts of the world but no where do I find such creativity and service. I must say Framing Angie offers the best framing service in Singapore and the world!

Born in UK Came to Singapore in 1991 – before the Internet. Homes in London, New York, Cotswolds and Singapore. Framing Angie in ALL of them.

Angie, the recollections and happiness you have preserved for me over the years makes growing old a pleasure. You are a magician at preserving moments in time and making these precious memories. Long may you carry on.”

Dominic Nixon | England

“One goes to Angie to encase something. But when she’s done, that something just stands right out. ”

Reena Balachandran

“Framing Angie is the right choice for any project you have regarding framing of art. Angie provides quality service and a great finished product. Her excellent advice and guidance in terms of colours, options and ideas certainly turned a routine project into something really special – can only but recommend Framing Angie very highly!”

Bill Bryant

“I would highly recommend Angie…she is simply the best! Besides framing multiple pieces of artwork for my family over the last 20 years, she has also designed beautiful christmas cards and business cards for us. Her creativity shined through when she helped us choreograph an art exhibition at the American Club within one week’s notice! She also generously supports multiple charities, including Ronald McDonald House Charities, Gawad Kalinga, and The SAS Foundation. Angie is amazing and I would recommend her for any of your artistic endeavours.”

Mary Kuo

“I stumbled across Framing Angie by chance back in 2010. My wife and I took in a few personal items and we were very impressed with the array of framing options computer generated for our consideration and the professionalism of the framing and installation. As Angie is recognised by the insurance companies we use, it was a very easy choice for us when we opened our gallery in Singapore in 2011. The works we trade are very high end so it is essential for us and our clients to know that they are being treated with the utmost care by people who really understand how to handle various mediums of works. From the shop, to the warehouse, to the wall on which the works are installed, I’venever had one issue and I’ve used Angie hundreds of times. Her prices are fair and she always goes the extra yard if we have a tight deadline for a show or need something done immediately.”

Sam Hardwick | Gallery Director

“FRAMING ENHANCES THE BEAUTY OF THE PAINTING! I am not a professional artist. Painting is my hobby. At the beginning I had some of my paintings framed by different frame shops but they failed to impress me. One day I saw a painting framed by Angie at a friend’s place and both my husband and I liked it straight away. We decided to give one of my paintings to Angie for framing … just to test the waters. It was not cheap I must say, but it really enhanced the beauty of that painting. We were hooked! Since then I have got about 10 paintings framed by her. The materials that she uses are of excellent quality and her frames add value to the painting. Once I exhibited a painting for a charity event and Angie framed it free of charge. That showed the humane side of her and I really appreciated that gesture. I have recommended her framing to some of my friends too. And I do it without any hesitation because I know that Angie is not going to disappoint them!”

Kumudu Weerasinghe | Singapore

“Don’t leave for home before heading to Framing Angie.””Upon learning of my upcoming move back to the States, I received a call from a friend who was just repatriated last summer. The reason for her call was that she had some advice for me – “get all the treasures I had gathered during my stay in Asia and immediately get to Angie!”
She related her frustration upon returning home and trying to get things framed with the same creativity and skill that Angie had used in the pieces she had framed for her while here in Singapore.She ran out of time before leaving and had to take several pieces back to the States to frame. She has tried several different framers and found that they had no creative ideas on how to frame her pieces other than to simply “mat and frame.” She even showed them some of the pieces Angie had framed and they were astounded but they were still incapable of recreating the things that she had done.Angie has framed over 30pieces for me and each one is special in its own way. The time and thought that she puts in to creating a truly incredible treasure is amazing.Many times I may have taken her skill and art for granted. I have come to expect that anything I take to her, whether the expensive fine art pieces or inexpensive street art… the “ treasures” will be returned to me and inspire awe.I have to say I have spent the last week going through everything in my closets and I am headed to “ Framing Angie” with a renewed appreciation for her skill, creativity and quality.” Mary Ann Hoffmans | Texas, USA

“Angie has a vision on how to enhance very personal items.”

“Ray and I moved to Singapore from the UK almost a year ago. I first saw some of Angie’s work in many of the houses visited on a Tour of Show Homes in Singapore. I was impressed by beautiful pictures and personal items placed in frames and displays, which always harmonised with the specific colours and surroundings.

On our first visit to Framing Angie’] we were impressed by the wide selection of unusual and quality pictures and artefacts. We fell in love with one of her framed pieces which Angie helped choose and place in our apartment.

Angie selected exactly the right location and colour and made a special fabric frame to blend perfectly with the surroundings and furnishings. We also commissioned a mirror to go near the dining area, and with her usual flair of genius she added antique Chinese wooden carvings to the surface, making it truly unique and personal. On her visits we would discuss layout, colours and room moods, which led us to de-clutter, change fabrics and colours, and place items for best effect, always mindful of our personal taste and style.

By far the most valuable service is Angie’s vision of how to enhance very personal items. In our youth, Ray and I enjoyed some fame and success in music and modeling, from which we have many great memories and some treasured items. On sight of these, Angie saw way beyond our simple display ideas and designed superb Gold & Silver disc display cases and from small pictures, produced life sized photos on stretched canvas. They are now all adorning our apartment in various rooms and look fantastic.

In a short message, it is difficult to highlight the full and professional service provided by Framing Angie’s business. We are so grateful for all her help, and always so happy to have her visit.”

Michelle & Ray Dorey | United Kingdom

“We discovered Framing Angie in Holland Village and have been very pleased with Angie’s work. Living in Singapore has allowed us to develop a new appreciation for Asian paintings and artwork from various countries in the region. We have taken a number of pieces to Angie which have been enhanced by her unique style. She does much more than just frame art as she provides an artistic touch that makes each piece more special.

Framing Angie has been a great find. We love all our paintings but I must confess that we also grew to love her work more so. We wish her all the best and constant flow of continued success. Thank you very much.”

Lovena & Matt Albrecht | Chicago, USA

“We’re glad to have been introduced to Framing Angie at an early stage of framing our art acquisitions. Angie has transformed all of our paintings and tapestries to fine pieces of art. We have total confidence in her advice and the quality of the finished framed work. Angie has a very sharp artistic sense and always knows in an instant exactly which frame best suits each piece and compliments the other frames that she has done for us. The overall result is stunning. A big thank you Angie for transforming our art work into masterpieces.”

Kerry and Sam Maccarrone | Australia

“Our trip to Holland village used to be incomplete without a visit to Angie’s gallery. We always stopped by to check out her latest wide selection of framed paintings.
Angie has a talent to turn a simple looking piece into a majestic artwork by using extraordinary skills of framing. We felt like a kid in her shop eyes wide open searching for what would be the next best piece to decorate the walls of our home.

Framing for Angie is like dressing a woman. If a beautiful woman do not wear an appropriate attire that suits her she will not look good. It is about leaving an impression with perfection. We listened to her and could not believe what a tremendous difference good framing made. Angie had put a life in those paintings.

We traveled in different parts of Asia and wherever we went we collected nice pieces of art, statues and after ever trip headed to Framing Angie for extraordinary framing work to make them look. It was time to move back to US and we got over 15 pieces framed by Angie as we knew we would not find this quality of work and unique framing style back home.

We adore Angie for her hard work, creativity, commitment, honest opinions, friendly attitude, patience and above all a genuine nice person who is gifted with passion for art. People in Singapore put it on your to do list today “must visit Framing Angie”, if you don’t you would miss out on something big. Believe me!”

Ravi Bhatnagar | San Ramon, California, USA

“Dear Angie,

Today is Richard’s birthday and I just revealed the big surprise to him an hour ago. He was stunned and just overwhelmed by its beauty. He couldn’t wait another minute and went to find a spot to hang it straight away.

Heartfelt thanks from me and Richard for the beautiful frame and the effort, talent, passion, and professionalism you have poured into it.”

Elisabeth van den Doel | Holland

“We applaud Framing Angie for her work ethics and customer service.”

“As with many busy people these days, we try to take pictures of our family and family events. However, we don’t ever seem to get around to getting them sorted and framed. Our son is a US Navy diver and he gave us his Navy Graduation pictures that we promised to frame for him. Once we explained all this to Angie, she did an excellent job of putting it all together.

After seeing her talent and ability to turn photos and important treasures into “Works Of Art”, we started spending more time with Angie. We sorted through our history of things from the past forty plus years and she has now turned all of those things into ‘family treasures’ that will last past our lifetimes and into our grandchildren’s lifetime. Angie’s ability to coordinate themes with a piece from a large selection of our material is amazing! After spending some time with her, she was able to get to know our family from our pictures and assemble the many we had into various cohesive and extremely well presented pieces of art. She has an uncanny ability to work with older photos, turning them into pieces you are proud to display in your home.

We so much appreciate her efforts that we intend to send further pictures from our son’s life in the Navy for her to frame and return to us in Houston Texas.”

Jeannie and Michael Zehender | Houston, Texas – US

“Angie is a well-known figure in our family life…..”

“It was my husband Nick that first met Angie back in July of 2003. Our son Toby was pretty upset to leave England to came to Singapore, mainly because he was leaving his beloved rugby club and his friends there. Nick heard about Angie from a colleague at work and brought her a range of Toby’s rugby memorabilia – shirts, medals, photo, tickets etc.

Angie created a fantastic creation in a framed ‘box’ of all Toby’s precious things. We had this placed on his bedroom wall before he arrived in Singapore as a surprise, and he loved it and it still holds pride of place on his bedroom wall.

From that time, I began taking pieces of art, wood carvings and other artifacts that I began to collect from holidays in Asia, to Angie for her special treatment! Angie has a brilliant eye for knowing how to present art in a way that brings out the very best features of the piece.

I have always been happy to recommend Angie to my friends in Singapore, and she is a well known figure in our family life. My husband Nick says the only concern he has is whether we will have enough room in the container to ship all our lovely pieces back to the UK!
Rest assured Angie, nothing will be left behind!!”

Val Roper | Surrey, England

“I have never seen such imagination in framing overseas.”

“I have used a number of framers in my nearly 25 years living in Singapore. Angie’s work is far superior to anything I’ve seen in the region. Indeed I have never seen such imagination in framing overseas in Europe and North America including a number of the world’s top museums. Together with her superb service and integrity, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone searching for “just the right way” to display a personal treasure.”

I like to fish. One day I caught a small, 12 inch catfish near Bangkok which turned out to be the new angling world record for that species! When a certificate was awarded, I took it to Angie for framing along with a photograph. She immediately asked whether I had any fishing tackle left from the trip. I was a bit surprised but gave her a spool of line, a lead sinker and some hooks. All were heavily used and torn. Angie managed to combine all that “junk” into a fabulous display.

My angling supplier was so impressed he borrowed it to hang in his shop!”

Wayne Lau is an independent fund manager who travels extensively
throughout Asia. Born and raised in Hawaii he has studied and lived in
North America and Europe

“During our stay in Singapore we have collected many memorable items—some of financial value, many simply of personal value. We have felt so fortunate to have Angie design our framed pieces and accommodate our desire to have truly unique and exceptionally framed pieces to showcase in our home. We have been so impressed with Angie’s exceptional ability to learn about and listen to a customer then create works that not only encase, but enhance the object of art to tell a story. Angie has framed 20 pieces for us of various sizes, designs and value.

Whether simply a picture, a collection of porcelain, collectable items either ancient or new, Angie has given each order personal, professional and artistic attention. Her enthusiasm, creativity, attention to detail and willingness to explore new methods and approaches is unparalleled.

We recently hosted a party in our home for over 65 guests and were not surprised to observe that our guests had more fun viewing and discussing our framed pieces form Angie than any other single activity during the party!

We have recommended Framing Angie to our friends, colleagues and associates throughout the American community and beyond, and would highly recommend Angie to any company or individual seeking quality framing.

As we return to the United States we know we have a collection of designer framing that will be exclusive, well-received and lasting. What more could a client ask?”

Greg & Susan Howard | USA

“I bought an antique Japanese with the idea of salvaging the embroidery from the deteriorating robe and having it framed someday. Ten years later, after several visits to Angie’s gallery, I knew I had found the perfect person with the artistic talent that I would trust this job to.
How right I was! No longer is this a mundane kimono. The beautiful embroidery is now a stunning masterpiece that will become a family heirloom! It pleases me to know that the skillful work of an artist of centuries past can be appreciated in all its glory, due to the creativity of a gifted 21st Century artist.
Thank you, Angie”

Beverly Noack | Texas, USA

“You cannot beat the quality and value of Angie’s framing.”

“For those of your like myself, who arrive in Angie’s shop with collections of trip souvenirs with no idea how to “create” something worthwhile with it, I would highly recommend Framing Angie. When I came home with my first framed piece by Angie and received positive comments from a house full of art critics, I knew I was onto something special. And that was just the beginning!

For the last few years Angie has been entrusted with our temple rubbings from Angkor Wat, camel bells from Rajasthan, oil paintings from Bali and most recently native relics from Papua New Guinea. The interest shown in each piece, the story behind it and the experience of the adventurers are reflected in the attention to detail, selection of materials and craftsmanship combined in each piece.Many of our visitors comment on our collection which in their original state, (“before Angie”) were simple and inexpensive, and now appear as the treasures that they really are to us. Thanks to Angie!

So for those of you who are serious about your special memories or just want to display some of your treasures in a unique or memorable way, you cannot beat the quality and value of Angie’s framing.”

Greg and Jodi Pelling | USA

“Insightful and artistic, Angie thinks outside of the box.”

“We have been customers at Framing Angie’s for over two years and in that time have we find her to be very insightful, artistic and spiritual. She absolutely loves what she does and it is obviously a true calling. She really does think outside of the box. Her gallery uses the highest standards while showcasing the eclectic mix and wide array of local and imported art.
Angie stays abreast of the changing trends and incorporates them while still insuring a timeless collection. Amazingly, Angie has the vision to see the full potential of each piece of “art” that we have taken to her and is always so thoughtful of our likes and dislikes but more importantly thoughtful of our feelings.

No matter how small or insignificant the piece, Angie can find a way to preserve and showcase it. We have been so pleased with very outcome and have at least one piece of her magic in every room of our apartment and feel confident that our treasures will be around for many years. We have also been delighted with the furniture and art pieces that we have bought from the gallery.

When we return to the U.S., we will have some wonderful and truly unique artwork to remind us of our time in Asia. Each piece a lovely memory.”

Dixie & Tom Martin | USA

“Angie is a visionary and creative thinker.”

“I have known Angie for over ten years. We first met when we faced a framing conundrum; what could we do to best display our collection of Australian Aboriginal Coolamans? This challenge had baffled many creative professionals in various parts of the world for a long time. With her characteristic flair and talent, Angie provided the great breakthrough which enables us to enjoy our artworks and wonderful, colorful treasures which we have collected during our travels in all of their dimensions.

Since that fortuitous meeting, Angie has continued to provide us with successful displays for a large and varied range of our often idiosyncratic acquisitions. Angie is a most creative and talented artist who has framed Aboriginals, Balinese and Chinese artifacts that we have collected.

Visitors to our home often ask, “Who is the framer or artist that did your puppets?” Others ask, “What have you brought back from your travels and did that same great Singapore artist frame them for you?”

As a visionary and creative thinker, Angie finds how each piece of art is distinctive. She has the most exciting solutions for individual items. Angie is also able to identify the rather unusual items we bring to her and she often knows the background, customs and life styles of the people who created them.

Recently we brought some of our artwork and artifacts from another country to Singapore. Imagine the distance that each piece of art travels to enter and leave Angie’s capable hands. Framing Angie and her great team are extraordinary; she leads a dynamic team of caring and competent people. ”

Gary Bergstrom| USA

“Framing Angie is the best!”

“Since arriving in Singapore three years ago, we have been blessed with many great friends who were thoughtful enough to share their recommendations for the “best place to go” for almost everything that we could possibly need in Asia. When the topic of artwork and custom framing was raised, it seemed that the unanimous response from all of our friends was “you must go to Framing Angie in Holland Village!”

A very good friend and interior decorator Tammy Johnson, validated these recommendations and ensured us that Angie is really the best.
Walking through our home it is obvious that we have heeded her advice as almost every piece of art that we have acquired since arriving in Asia has been purchased through, or framed by, Framing Angie. Angie and her staff provides the highest possible level of professionalism and customer service. She is a perfectionist and her craftsmanship is impeccable. What I appreciate most is her passion, creativity, innovative idea and her vision which allows her to transform virtually anything into art. We have framed antique paint brushes and hairpins, masks from a Masquerade Ball, crucifixes and even a pair of size 13 Dutch Clogs that my husband received as a gift.

I have told my husband that, when we do relocate back to the States, I plan on continuing to use Angie for all of our framing needs. At first, he thought that I was insane to consider using a framing service that is 10,000 miles away, but after enjoying more than 20 pieces of custom art that we have purchased from or framed by Angie, he is starting to believe that my idea isn’t so crazy after all.”

Linda and Tommy O’Leary | Boca Raton, Florida, USA

“I love how she makes you feel that your picture is the most important treasure in the world, even though it only cost you a few dollars.”

“Framing Angie is a truly talented and gifted individual. I have been lucky to have her helped me create beautiful art master pieces for my home for the last nine years. Nothing is too difficult for her.

Simplicity is the key to most or all of her work, from holiday photos to important family memorabilia. She picks out beautiful frames and silk to enhance your arts and items to perfection.

What I always find astounding is how she is able to retrace pictures she has framed from her wonderful computer system which enable you to match up backings and frames for the present. She is always calm and welcoming, even at the busiest of times, with a fountain of ideas to put forth.”

Marie Braniff Hudson | England

“Angie’s attention to detail is unique. I’ve never seen such fine detail in framing anywhere in the world.”

“And the end results have been much more than just a frame. She knew exactly what was needed for each piece, and she took such personal interest in each job. When visitors come to our house, Angie is always a topic of conversation, and our overseas guests are indeed truly amazed when they see how creative she is.

Angie’s staff is always very friendly, welcoming and very professional. It is clear to see that Angie loves what she does, and she is a very kind and caring person.”

Anne, Declan and MacFadden Family | Ireland

“I bless the day that I first took our new paintings to Angie for framing.”

“Angie managed to convert my paintings into great masterpieces.

Angie has, over the last several years, not only framed all our new
art acquisitions but also revived and reframed a number of artwork worn
out by time and our expat travels, in her own inimitable way.

Angie is a special person. She has joy in her heart, and passes on to us her
sheer zest and enthusiasm for life through her framing. She gives me joy in my heart too with her art of framing and I will always love her for that.

Angie does a fabulous job. Her gift is wonderful – her framing eclectic and we love every setting she has created for us.”

Miriam O’ Driscoll | Ireland

“Angie has changed the course of my life and gave me a new joy and meaning for living.”

“As a foreigner in Singapore, and a relatively new visual artist, I had to find a shop to frame my works. A friend recommended Framing Angie in Holland Village. I took some paintings to be framed and Angie spotted two small abstracts among them. These were a departure from my usual representational works and the first I had brought for framing. With her eyes sparkling and a smile on her face, she said, ”Now these are interesting!” We carried on from there and the course of my life was dramatically changed.

When I took the works to be framed, Angie would come up with unique ideas for framing that added new dimensions to my paintings. What great fun I was having!

As an artist it is a wonderfully rewarding experience to hear people say positive things about your work and to have them buy because they like how it makes them feel. For me it has become not only a consuming passion but a true sense of creation that I greatly enjoy. ”

Elaine Virtue

“My name is Florence Reboullet and I am an artist myself. I was looking for some frames for my paintings when I met Angie and discovered what an amazing and gifted talent she has for framing.

Immediately I appreciated her for her professionalism creativity and passion for her work. The frames are not only just a piece of wood or material, but a perfect extension of my work. They also increase the meaning, the expression and
the life of my paintings. With any type of painting, be it flowers or abstracts, she is always able to create a unique piece every time.

She always adapt, invent a new frame with a new design, new color and a new style. During several exhibitions and cocktail parties, my clients have appreciated the perfect harmony between my paintings and the frame.

Everyone appreciates this perfect combination.”

Florence Reboullet | France

“We were particularly impressed by Angie’s imaginative and innovative framing.”

“We were first introduced to Angie more than five years ago by our daughter who had recently moved with her family to Singapore.

It was like walking into an Aladdin’s cave. We loved so many of the pieces of art but we were particularly impressed by the rare innovative framing and each time we return, sure enough, Angie has come up with yet more original ideas.

Until recently, Sandra ran her own interior decorating business in London and was so thrilled to take back works of art for several for her clients from Framing Angie. So much so, that even though she has now retired from her decorating business, she still gets requests from ex clients and friends to look for art pieces at Angie’s suitable for their London or holiday homes.

Brian is an artist in his own right and works closely with Angie in the pursuit of perfection in the presentation of his crafts, paintings and sculptures.”

Brian & Sandra Seifert | London

“Never be fearful of presenting any size or shape of object to Angie. She always create miracles with it.”

“It was my husband who first discovered Angie five years ago, when she framed my son’s precious rugby memorabilia from England – before even I had arrived in Singapore. I was smitten with the outcome at first sight, and have never been anywhere else for framing since.

I am a collector by nature and love to have a little memory of every place we travel to. So I book my slot with Angie in Holland Village and present her with the next montage of trinkets, art, pictures and various artefacts from our travels.

Somehow, through skill and her creative flair, Angie always transforms these items into ‘pieces of art’, that I am proud to have gracing the walls in our house.

In case you wondered how much I trust Angie, I let her cut up two pictures I had bought to create an effect that is amazing, and much more exciting than the original.

Thank you Angie!”

Val, Nick Toby & Jena Roper | England

“Simply Sensational!”

A source of incredible knowledge and creativity with no boundaries, Angie is truly a rare artist and ‘one of a kind’. Definitely one of the highlights of my relocation to Singapore.

No job is too big or small and the framing results are always ‘masterpieces’.”

Angela Steven | England

“When it comes to framing, trust is essential. Trust in the framer’s experience, creativity, quality and craftsmanship.”

“Framing Angie encompassed all these factors we were looking for when we wanted our prized artwork to be framed.

All these years, Angie has done a fabulous job in enhancing the beauty of our paintings. She makes sure that her framing is as much as an art as the subject that is to be framed. She brings to her a wealth of experience in advising and determining the right frame as well as her honesty and creativity in dispensing these advices.”

Winnie Chin | Singapore

“Angie’s work spans the globe.”

“Through her creative energy, inspiration and complete attention to detail, Framing Angie entered not only my life but that of my whole family. Together with my three sons, all living in different countries, Angie’s work spans the globe. I remember with much fondness the effort she put into framing a ‘very special’ vintage champagne bottle for my son Nicholas.

They deliberated for quite some time until the final result was achieved. Unfortunately, en-route to the US, it went missing. Nicholas was devastated; this being a special gift for his sweetheart.

Back in Singapore, I explained to Angie what had happened and how upsetting it was that this unique piece of framing, with an inscription that meant something special only to the so in love couple’ had gone missing.

However, all was not lost. Angie immediately pulled up the saved copy of her original work and set about doing it all again. Together, we managed to find another vintage bottle and she very cleverly reassembled another identical frame and made the ‘soon to be married couple’ extremely happy.

The frame now has pride of place hanging on the wall of their new home in the US and it continues to be a ‘conversation piece’. Not only is she an inspiration, she is also a true friend, always happy to see you. Angie is a very special lady, uniquely talented.”

Heather Brown | England

“Framing Angie came very highly recommended by friends and contacts.”

“I am a great collector of originally signed sporting memorabilia and when
when I arrived in Singapore a few years ago I wanted to find a company
that could produce innovative and high quality framing to display my collection.

“Framing Angie” came very highly recommended by friends and contacts and I have been extremely happy with all the pieces Angie and her team have
produced for me.

When you walk into the gallery you are always guaranteed with a warm
welcome and everybody is incredibly customer focused and find out exactly
what your framing needs are. I value their impeccable design advice when it
comes to deciding which way to best present my memorabilia, from signed
shirts and cricket bats, to an original Muhammad Ali glove.

Many of my friends have commented on the eye – catching floating frames
and boxed showcases “Framing Angie” has created to display the items. I know wherever I move to next, whether in Asia or back home to the UK,’
my memorabilia will look fantastic on any wall.”

James Walton London | UK