Dipika & Harmeet Bedi – India


Angie  has been  inspirational  in  transforming the look of all  the art in our home. We started working with Angie five years ago,  and once she  framed  our first  painting  there was  no  going  back  –  she  makes  good  art   look  great and great  art  look outstanding.We  cannot think  of going anywhere  but  to Angie for our framing.

Her artistic ability to  transform  the  paintings  lies  in  her eye  for detail and quality  of  work which she never, never  compromises  on. As  of today we  can proudly say that all the paintings  that hang  on our walls are Angie’s trademark.  We  continually receive compliments from all our friends on the  innovative styles  of  frames  we have  got.   And  we will continue  to recommend Angie to all our friends and she can vouch for having  a  lot  of  references  given  by  us.

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