Tammy Hong – USA


Despite our love for collecting beautiful objects, we tend to only purchase accessories and furnishings by which were inspired. This also applies to the buying o f art and carpets. A piece must touch you, not necessarily ‘bankrupt’ you.

The collections in our house capture the essence of our travels and all the placeswe have ever been. However, don’t overlook our own backyard here in Singapore and all that Framing Angie has to offer. Some of our very favorite finds have come from her.

Tammy Johnson, Houston Texas


When I started my business in Singapore five years ago as a designer, I knew I had to have Angie design my frames. I decided it would be best to start with my own home before introducing her to my clients. I challenged Angie at every corner, and she learned and adapted to my taste very quickly.

The creativity that comes from Angie is rare and I love working with her as she thinks outside the box. I now send all my clients to her.She and her team always find means to accommodate my clients’ busy schedule and never fail to get the job done. Angie and her team are the best!

Shyanne Roeloffs, New York, USA


My husband and I came to Singapore with many Asian works which we had accumulated through the years, some never properly framed, others in need of an update, and a few in need of restorative care given their age and delicate nature. Framing Angie was recommended by everyone we asked.

Not only did Angie assist in arranging our collection, but she also took the context of each piece into consideration recommending styles ranging from rustic to refined,and surprising us with some cutting edge and pizzazz where appropriate. We couldn’t be happier with her work, and are always finding ourselves taking ‘just one more piece’ over to Angie for another job well done!

Darla Bryans, Washington, USA


I have lived in Singapore for twelve and a half years. I remember after several years of letting things pile up I started asking around about a good framer. A close friend of mine recommended “ Framing Angie ”.

I went in to the gallery with my own ideas. However, after talking with Angie and learning how creative she was, all of my ideas went out of the window. Every item in my home whether it be a piece of art, a corkboard for the children’s rooms, family portraits, sports memorabilia has all been framed by Angie.

Libby and Jim McColgin, Texas, USA.


We have traveled and lived in the region for many years. Over time, we have acquired a collection of artwork. It wasn’t until moving to Singapore 2 ½ years ago that we learned about the talent of Angie. She has taken many of our pieces and transformed them.

She guided us in frame selection and gave advice on how best to show the work in order to accentuate the beauty and individuality of each piece. She is a gifted artist in her own right. When Angie started framing pieces, friends suddenly started asking where we had acquired our beautiful paintings. The right frame makes almost any painting look great. We have always been pleased with her work.

Jamie and Bill Amelio, and all of our 6 children, USA


When I first met Angie over seven years  ago I had no idea that she would not only frame and make my art beautiful but, I came to respect her in a way that was  special. I am awed by her eye to take a simple piece of  paper and  make it look like a treasure that one would never want to let go of ! We are honored to have your work in my  home.

Thank you Angie!

Tammy Hale, Beaumont, Texas USA


For the past seven years Angie has been taking my paintings, tapestries, porcelain, and  other sentimental items and has turned them into absolutely  phenomenal pieces of  work.  Her passion and everlasting commitment to her work has made my house an absolute pleasure to live in, making it welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

Living overseas for the past 16 years, I have never come across such elaborate  and  fulfilling  work. Guests who come over frequently wonder whose whose hands created such magnificent pieces.

I always recommend friends to Angie with the knowledge that they will be as touched as I was when they get their first piece back from her.

I will be looking forward to her framing portraits of my children, knowing  she will put her  passionate effort and heart  into it because in the  end, she is the one I would trust to make something so close to my heart close to hers as well.

Sangita Jhunjhnuwala – India


I have been living in Singapore for last fifteen years with my husband who is a businessman. We have two boys aged 18 and 14 who are currently studying at  the United World College of S.E.A. I am an event organizer as it keeps me busy during the day when the two boys are in school as one can be flexible with  the  timings. I enjoy event organizing as I love meeting and interacting with people.

Angie and I clicked from day one. She is one of the most down to earth person I come across.

She is really very good at her profession and all my artworks are framed by her. I just leave it to her to decide what goes where.

Greg and Sandra Hill / USA


When  we first  came to Singapore,  we needed  to decorate our new home, which had lots of white, blank walls.  We asked our decorator if she knew of someone who  could  supply  us with  some unique  Asian  artwork and alsoframe some of our special  treasures that  we had acquired from our travels in Europe. She  told  us  about Angie, which began a  very special business and personal relationship with someone who is uniquely gifted.

Thomas Wolfe once said that…

“If someone has a talent and cannot use it, they have failed.
If someone has a talent and uses only half of it, they have partly failed.
If someone has a talent  and learns somehow to use the whole of it, they have
gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few people ever know”

Clearly, this defines Angie.She truly is one of those unique people you meet in  your life that  has maximised  her  talent. Sharing  one’s  gifts  is  sharing oneself, and we are so grateful that she has done so because  she  has  not only enriched our home, but also our lives. Thanks Angie for being so great!

Rosio Flynn , Sydney Australia


I met Angie soon after our arrival in Singapore 6 years ago from Sydney and I had  many paintings and photos framed by  her.  The  wonderful  thing  is that  they are  all  thought through and designed  individually to suit each piece of art. Ranging  from  large  oil paintings to watercolors and  most recently  works  of  Buddha images.The  great  thing about Angie is that she treats each piece importantly and considers the  sentiments, size and  colors  before  recommending  a suitable  frame  moldings  or style. I  initially  relied  heavily on Angie’s advice. As I have gained more experience I have provided more  imput  and  she is  always very  opened  to  receiving  my  thoughts  and comments.

To ensure that the frame presents my work in the best way possible and  also  to  use  the frame as  an extension and enhancement  of my work – these  are  two  key  principles which Angie bases her designs on.  And  it became a great motivation for me.I have never met anyone with such a flair for framing art and craft as Angie. Great effort is put behind every  piece  of  art and  she takes  great pride in her work. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anybody who needs the  highest  standard  in  framing.

Michelle Smith, USA


Angie is a truly wonderful and talented artist who translates  elegance  into everything  she designs and  has done almost all the artwork,framing and mirrors in my home.  She has turned undesirable architectural  features  in our home  into beautiful focal points.

Angie is able to transform absolutely everything and  anything into a real work of  art !  Her visions  and  creativity give our  home  a one of  kind  designer  feel.  Elegant  and  classy.

Dipika & Harmeet Bedi – India


Angie  has been  inspirational  in  transforming the look of all  the art in our home. We started working with Angie five years ago,  and once she  framed  our first  painting  there was  no  going  back  –  she  makes  good  art   look  great and great  art  look outstanding.We  cannot think  of going anywhere  but  to Angie for our framing.

Her artistic ability to  transform  the  paintings  lies  in  her eye  for detail and quality  of  work which she never, never  compromises  on. As  of today we  can proudly say that all the paintings  that hang  on our walls are Angie’s trademark.  We  continually receive compliments from all our friends on the  innovative styles  of  frames  we have  got.   And  we will continue  to recommend Angie to all our friends and she can vouch for having  a  lot  of  references  given  by  us.

Tom & Dixie Martin, Texas, USA.


Tom and I have lived in Singapore for over six years and now I cannot remember which of our over twenty pieces done by Angie was our first. We have slowly filled every wall with an Angie original. It amazes me how she keeps coming up with new and unusual ideas. She takes such pride in even the smallest of details. I love to stop by the gallery just to see what new pieces of artwork have been added since my last visit.

Going through her clients’ pieces is like taking a tour of the many travel destinations around Asia. I have learned so much about the area just by looking at the works of art she has framed. Here is a story behind every piece. I asked Angie once if she ever got bored with some of the seemingly common things she is asked to frame and she said, “Never!”. She is a true artist in every sense of the word. She loves what she does and it is so evident in her work. It is truly an honor to be asked to participate in Angie’s book.

I could not decide if I should write this as a client or as a friend because I consider myself both. Angie sees life in such a refreshingly real way. I am amazed at her intuition and spirituality. She has not only seen to all of our framing needs, s he has been a trusted advisor, a confidant and a true friend.

Angie is not just a framer. Angie is a dream maker.

Tom & Dixie Martin, Texas, USA.