Rosio Flynn , Sydney Australia


I met Angie soon after our arrival in Singapore 6 years ago from Sydney and I had  many paintings and photos framed by  her.  The  wonderful  thing  is that  they are  all  thought through and designed  individually to suit each piece of art. Ranging  from  large  oil paintings to watercolors and  most recently  works  of  Buddha images.The  great  thing about Angie is that she treats each piece importantly and considers the  sentiments, size and  colors  before  recommending  a suitable  frame  moldings  or style. I  initially  relied  heavily on Angie’s advice. As I have gained more experience I have provided more  imput  and  she is  always very  opened  to  receiving  my  thoughts  and comments.

To ensure that the frame presents my work in the best way possible and  also  to  use  the frame as  an extension and enhancement  of my work – these  are  two  key  principles which Angie bases her designs on.  And  it became a great motivation for me.I have never met anyone with such a flair for framing art and craft as Angie. Great effort is put behind every  piece  of  art and  she takes  great pride in her work. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anybody who needs the  highest  standard  in  framing.

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